Looking for the Perfect Small Touchscreen to Replace my Light Switches


I’m building a house (been starting a lot of threads this way lately…) and I’m looking for a small screen that can display a web page: specifically, a Lovelace interface tailored for that space.

My entire home will have Hue bulbs so the last thing I want to do is “kill” the power to my bulbs. In fact, I’m not even going to have the electrician wire traditional light switches. Instead, I’m going to have the low voltage crew run CAT6 to those locations instead.

Originally, I was going to use a simple Aeotec Wallmote, assuming that digital panels in every room was overkill. Then I got into Lovelace, and custom cards, and I see the future in front of me! :slight_smile: I first thought that a tablet screen in every room was the way to go but after buying one, and a wall mount+enclosure, I realize that’s way too big of a screen. I’m really looking for a smaller, phone-sized screen. Ideally, something that would sit very close to the wall, or even flush with the screen edge, giving a really built-in look.

I found this thing: https://www.sferalabs.cc/strato-pi-touch-display/ which meets a lot of the criteria, but it’s super expensive. I keep thinking I’ll find a great combo of 1) a cheap phone, and 2) a really nice flush wall mount. But it’s just not happening.

Anyone have any advice?

I been wanting to some something like that but i don’t have the time. I had my eyes on this project:

is much smaller than then screen you want.

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You can run HA Switchplate on the bigger nextion screens too.

Waveshare make a lot of screens of various sizes. https://www.waveshare.com/product/modules/oleds-lcds.htm - hook one up with a pi zero and you could make a pretty small display. 3D print a nice bezel and shove it on or embedded in the wall.

Or maybe the new Home Assistant Cast?

Not sure that it wounts directly on the wall.

I don’t use any Google Home stuff so I didn’t know if they had wall mounted models or not.

Thanks for the advice, everyone! I ended up going with an Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet that I’m mounting with one of these: https://www.etsy.com/shop/SmartHomeMount. It works PERFECTLY and looks great.

Now to brush up on my CSS!

You probably won’t need any css, just use lovelace or hadashboard.