(Looking for) Traditional Looking Lamp Switch

Hi All

I am looking for a traditional rocker/push button lamp switch to replace my Sonoff Basic on my lamps.
I recall a few years ago GE made one, but I don’t think it was EU Zwave compliant and can’t find it now.

EDIT something like this https://products.z-wavealliance.org/products/1082?selectedFrequencyId=1

Does anyone have anything they are using?
zwave/zigbee/wifi that looks better than the sonoff?


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Thank you @Hellis81, i always thought that was like button 1 but older. Will have a look :slight_smile:

Found this thingiverse print for a sonoff if anyone is interested: SonOff Basic Cover Enclosure by h0bb3 - Thingiverse

Might try this