Looking for Universal Remote Control

Hi ! I’m using Harmony remote for a while and I’m pretty happy with it.

Since my Harmony Ultimate One is getting old I’m looking to replace it

I have some thing that I don’t like with harmony and maybe I can find a remote that is better for my need

I don’t use the activaty thing on harmony… it’s long to setup and I only use un input on each tv. also if I need to automate something I did it in home assistant

Then I setup some light and home stuff in it ( rocku emulated ) but I don’t like the fact that on screen I’m seeing only 3 device and I need to scroll to see other ( there enough of space on the screen to show 6 or even 9 )

So here is what I’m looking for a new remote

  • MAYBE less expensive ? I don’t need something fancy with bluetooth wifi and everything… rf only will do the trick

  • Touch screen or not … I need a way to setup button for light so a touch screen could do the trick … or just 4-5 REAL button that I will setup later (through home assistant) to control device in the house

  • Real Button ! Yeah I could have everything I need with in iPod touch and a web interface but I really like real button. I really … I don’t need numbers

Do you have some Universal remote to suggest to me ?

P.s I realize that a cheap rf remote ( you know one with keyboard end everything ) could do exactly what I need… but is there some good sticker that I can pu on button to said ok that button is for kitchen light now