Looking for wall thermostat, please advice

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for a simple hardware wall thermostat that:

  • can be integrated in hass
  • set temp
  • on/off
  • simple schedule: for every single weekday set time on/off
  • nothing to expensive

in the end, I want to control my wireless heater thermostats (https://www.zigbee2mqtt.io/devices/SPZB0001.html) by use of hass and zigbee2mqtt.

So for now I am looking for a simple hardware device, where I (and especially my wife) can set some simple “automation” (schedules) and set heating on/off manually.

Any advice?

Kind regards,

Europe, US, or other? (might be relevant)

Do you already have an ecosystem preference (e.g. amazon alexa, google home, …)

What kind of climate system do you have? HVAC, Radiators, different kinds of heatpumps?

Hi @risk,

Living in europe, belgium.

I have 2 use cases:


  • central heating with own gas boiler
  • central thermostat: controls gas boiler (on/off)


  • central heating system in building (shared gas boiler for all flats in building)
  • 3 radiators with classic mechanical thermostatic valves for my own apartment

The most urgent is CASE 2.

  • I want to replace the classic valves by smart (preferable zigbee) valves
  • I want to have central control by any kind of physical thermostat (preferable zigbee, but I can not find any suitable thermostat, so other protocols are accepted as long as the thermostat is compatible with domoticz/home assistant)
  • I want to have control by use of a domotica system (currently using domoticz/home assistant + zigbee2mqtt + all kind of zigbee devices)

Because I can do all kind of stuf in domoticz/home assistant, I am looking for a very simple wall thermostat where I can turn heating on/off or set temp quickly without need for app.
Preferable with zigbee because all my other devices (bulbs, sensors, switches, etc…) are zigbee too.