Looking for way to get notified if home power is out

I have HA installed on my Qnap NAS which is connected to an older APC UPS and we have a whole home generator set up. I would like to set up an automation that notifies my phone when the power is out. I have a few TP-Link Kasa devices set up, as well as an Ecobee 3 thermostat. Can any of these be used to see if there is a 30 second gap in power before the generator kicks on, then message me via txt?
If not, are there any affordable HA-compatible devices that I can install to accomplish this?

You could create an automation to notify you if one of the TP link plugs goes ‘unavailable’ for 30 seconds.

Yes that would seem to be the simplest solution, except that the TP LInk devices only have On/Off for any device trigger or condition

You could use a Sense energy monitor or one of the other energy monitors out ther.

Right but with those north of $200 USD that takes “affordable” out of the equation!

how much is affordable?

And does your APC UPS have the console port? If so there is a signal there.

Only a serial port :confused:

That serial port should be able to tell you if power is out. Which APC UPS do you have?

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Perhaps this can help.


You can definitely do it in YAML.

Here’s an example:

alias: 'Notify if entry light unavailable'
  - platform: state
    entity_id: light.front_door_light
    to: 'unavailable'
      seconds: 22
  - service: notify.pushbullet
      message: 'The front door light has gone unavailable'

@sparkydave that worked perfectly, thank you!

No worries. :+1:

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