Looking for ways/ideas to automate my smart thermostat

I have my thermostat integrated into HA, but looking for ways to do more than just show the card on the dashboard. Here are the inputs/triggers I see:
Everyone away (triggered by either person status or Ring alarm status) - raise (I’m just gonna talk in terms of cooling for simplicity) temperature when nobody is home
Person 1,2,and/or 3 home - based on a schedule lower temp to a series of settings
Person 4 home - based on a schedule lower temp to a different (cooler set of settings)…this person likes it cooler…and she must be obeyed :slight_smile:
Person 1,2,3,4 home - use cooler schedule because she must be obeyed

I’m guessing I just set my smart thermostat to “hold” and control everything based on status defined above, but I don’t know how to write that logic. I’m wondering if this gets me into Node Red territory.
I welcome any ideas.

No not at all.

All this can be done in the automation editor.

Break each of your automations down into:

  • triggers, what is the cause
  • conditions, extenuating circumstances that may prevent the actions
  • actions, what the desired state is

Creating a couple of helper groups of people may simplify things too.

Thanks for the reply. What I came up with…
I built a script with a condition of “alarm=disabled” with actions as choices for time slots such as:
6am-10am, 10am-6pm, 6pm-10pm, 10pm-6am.

Then…within each time slot I made a choice for:
She who must be obeyed → set temp real cool
Anyone else home → set temp to a more realistic temp
Default → set temp to a real high setting to save $

I struggled with “anyone else home” and actually created a new person called “anyone” which tracked ALL of the devices associated with the other person entities.

Next…I created an automation that triggered at 6am, 10am, 6pm, 10pm and simply calls the script I created above.

Lastly…I created an automation when “alarm = armed away” to set the temperature to a high temp.

The open item I see is the potential for an automation when “alarm = state changed to disarmed” which would ideally call the script above. My concern is if the person entities hasn’t updated yet.