Looking for Z-Wave and Zigbee Hardware

Hi I am Smartthing user, I am looking for something more reliable I want to start on Home Assistant I have many device in my home connect by Z-Wave and Zigbee for diffrent brands I looking for recommendation what the best way to connect by Z-Wave and Zigbee devices, about Z-wave there option to Z-wave plus?

Smartthings Samsung

I want to start by my NAS QNAP but in the future use a dedicate PI.

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You will need a USB stick to add Z-Wave and/or Zigbee to Home Assistant. The Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5 works well for Z-Wave and I would recommend that. Many (if not most) of the members here use it. I host my Home Assistant on a Raspberry Pi, so I’m not sure about what might differ for the QNAP NAS.

For Zigbee, there is a combo stick that does both Z-wave and Zigbee. HUSBZB-1 GoControl (Nortek) QuickStick Combo - HUSBZ-1. It’s also a popular device among members here. Probably the top choice for Zigbee. However, Zigbee is still, in my opinion, not fully working in Home Assistant. My recommendation for zigbee is that if you are NOT willing to go without zigbee for a while, then keep those devices on SmartThings.

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You can start with an easy migration.

I don’t know about running things on the QNAP, but if you want an fairly easy migration you can use the SmartThings bridge that will use MQTT to bridge SmartThings to Home Assistant. You can access/control your devices from HA and leave them on SmartThings while you’re getting your feet wet.

That Bridge will also probably stay up for a long time, as in your list of devices most of them look to be Zigbee. It will be hit or miss on the Zigbee devices and how well they work and how complete they will work. For example the SmartThings Multipurpose sensor works kinda. The door sensor, open/close works. The temperature sensor works. The motion/accel sensor doesn’t. I didn’t have much luck trying any of the Iris stuff with HA. The monoprice is usually z-wave should work with minor effort. There are several using Xiaomi through the HA component. I don’t have any experience with that. Sorry.

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Per above, you have a couple of options.

Linear HUSBZ-1

Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5

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Thank you for all answers, almost of my sensor are Xiami/Aqara - Zigbee, so I really need best support for this devices.

I wil buy HUSBZB-1 to start to play :slight_smile:

I do not want use the Smarthings as hub/bridge, because my device lost connection many times without any reason…

Yeah I gave up on SmartThings pretty quickly. I like Home Assistant and it has potential with time. It’s still young and evolving.

The HUSBZB-1 worked well for me with Home Assistant. The ConBee with deCONZ also works with Home Assistant but is limited on zigbee devices on what deCONZ is currently supporting.

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While I understand that the Xaiomi stuff is not vendor neutral, I have it installed and really like it. It has very good range and good products.

For Zigbee you can’t go wrong with deconz today, it supports plenty of vendors and the devs are adding support for new devices on request.

I’ve made requests on the github and no comment or replies for NYCE Ceiling motion sensor support…

More of my devices work with Home Assistant using my HUSBZ-1 than with deCONZ.

Good for you! Too bad you don’t get support for that device though :confused:

I went the route of the HUSBZB-1 as well since I didn’t like another piece of the puzzle after coming from dealing with the ST MQTT bridge issues. I just wanted something native, been working great the past couple weeks I’ve had it and it was an awesome feeling boxing up the ST and deleting the ST-MQTT container.

I just orded one HUSBZB-1 I hope will be easy install on my NAS QNAP.

I found this link https://qiot.qnap.com/blog/en/2018/01/22/integrating-home-assistant-qnap-nas/

I will play on this weekend :smile: Shortly I will be back, with more questions.

*Edit: Correct the model.

Make sure it is the HUSBZB-1 as there is a similar model without the Zigbee radio in it.

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I bought the correct on


GoControl Z-Wave QuickStick Combo - HUSBZB-1
Provides interface between PC and Z-Wave/Zigbee network
Plugs into a standard USB port on the host device
Works with third-party home automation software
Appears as two (2) serial ports

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This thread Think I'm done tells me that the Vera seems to be a good bet (although the thread is mainly dealing with z-wave, not zigbee)

I had good luck with using vera as the z-wave and zigbee controller.

In europe I use Bitron Video stick for zigbee (Ember chip) and ZwaveMe for zwave.