Looking for Zigbee I/O module for use with HA

I am looking for a Zigbee I/O module for use with my HA system. So far I have only come across one, IOMZB-110, apparently developed by Develco in Denmark, which unfortunately is rather limited in that it only offers 4 inputs + 2 NO/NC dry contact outputs and costs somewhere around 70-75 Euro per unit. As I foresee a total need for around 32 inputs and 32 outputs the cost of these modules is simply too high - and too unyieldy.

What I would like is e.g. 8 inputs and 8 outputs - along with a significantly lower price. Does anyone know of such a module? I’d like to use it for a number of different purposes like e.g. reusing wired door sensors from an old alarm system (yes, I know I can get cheap zigbee sensors - but they are far from discrete, the old door sensors are integrated into our doors and almost invisible), controlling blinds incl. checking the state, water overflow sensors etc. As the uses are in different locations zigbee is my preferred way of connecting to my HA server.

If a small board with e.g. an ESP32 or similar with onboard zigbee exists that could be an option, provided a firmware exists for it…

This firmware allows you to build a wide variety of DIY devices that work with zigbee2mqtt and zha at a very low cost. I have had very good success with it and highly recommend.