Looking for (zigbee) Radiator Thermostat without Temperature Sensor

Hey there,

I would like to replace my radiator thermostats with smart versions. But every thermostat I found has a temperature sensor built in. Since measuring the temperature right next to the radiator is BS imho, I would like to install a thermostat that is controlled via zibee (or maybe wifi or z-wave) only and does not measure the temperature or change anything on its own. It just needs to open or close the valve if told to do so by HA.

I use temperature sensors all over my place and these in combination with door and window sensors should be all I need to set up a good radiator control. The thermostat should be controllable from HA locally and directly over the protocol (zigbee, wifi, z-wave) without a bridge or cloud connection.

To clearify things: I do not want to control the heating system but just the radiators. That’s the way things work in most rental apartmens here in Germany.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Hi Garvin.

My opinion: It doesn’t matter if there is a temperature sensor built in. You can just configure your external sensor in HA for getting the current temperature and controlling the valve.