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Dear HASS gurus,

I am new to HASS and I am considering to add more integration to my HASS. I am running HASS on a Linux server which I have at home through docker. The Zigbee device I am using is Philips Hue bridge and tens of Hue light bulbs. I wish to add more Zigbee devices incl. temp/humidity sensor, motion sensor, etc.

My intention is to use existing hardware as much as possible, but it seems impossible to add a generic Zigbee device to Hue bridge. So I have some options:

a. Use Xiaomi Aqara Gateway and Xiaomi’s sensor. But not sure whether it’s working with Hue light bulbs as well. And I wish to have the gateway be connected via Ethernet instead of wireless. And I am in Europe so if I buy from AliExpress, the delivery time is unpredictable.

b. Use IKEA trådfri Gateway or some third-party Zigbee gateway. I am not sure what kind of gateway has a good compatibility with HASS?

c. Go for ZWave. I’d rather not do this because I have tens of Hue bulb.

Long story short, I am looking for a good Zigbee gateway with good compatibility. Preferably low-cost and Ethernet connected.

Thanks in advance!

You can check zigbee2mqtt (good compatibility with lots of devices)

Deconz is a USB dongle that plugs into your Home assistant host? Just be sure to use a USB extension cable to get the Dongle away from any interference.

The added bonus is Deconz has a HassIO add-on, I plugged it into my PI, installed the add-on and it mostly just worked (but worked much faster with better range after I added my 1mtr extension cable).

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Thanks for the recomendations @francisp and @Coedy.
The connection quality is also one of the things I am thinking. As currently I am pretty sure every Hue light bulb is also acting as an extender for Zigbee mesh connection. How is this working with zigbee2mqtt or Deconz? I have read some articles said that zigbee2mqtt does not have a good mesh supporting.

I don’ have issues with my mesh and zigbee2mqtt. Even across two floors.

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No issues with the Mesh on deconz, I know it is meshed though because if my wife turns off one of the lights at the switch one of my other lights takes a fraction longer to come on as it’s nearest node is “missing” from the mesh. (I only have a relatively small set up so my furthest away light relies heavily on its neighbor).

My house is an old stone and brick Victorian terraced house (2 levels and has been extended at the back) if that helps.

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Conbee here, verry satisfied , much easier to implement that zigbee2mqtt

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I have ordered conbee2 and it arrived today. Tried with Philips Hue devices and it works fine.

Thanks for the recommendation!

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