Looking for Zwave Automation Assistance

Hello. I have 5 Zwave devices controlling my Christmas lights. I’m looking for an efficient method to turn them all on at a certain time of the day (with random +/- timing around the ON/OFF times). It seems putting them in a group would be the easiest. I would appreciate example code as I am relatively new to programming in Hassio.

You can turn on/off multiple items at a time in an automation.


See the above as an example.

I generally copy these automations and insert my devices attached to my christmas lights each season. They go off at sunrise and turn on a little before sunset.

Putting them in a group has the same effect, however, you just turn the group on/off.

The sunset/sunrise trigger will change daily. If you want something more random see the thread below.

You can use either a group, or a scene.