Looking to quiet HA hard drives

I am running HAOS on a Synology Virtual machine. When the vm is running I can hear my disk drive writing about once a minute or so. I tried adding a USB flash drive but Synology will only install vm on a BTFRS which is not an option for formating usb drives.

Any creative ideas for quieter option without spending $400 on new SSDs for my NAS? Maybe there is some setting in HA to decrease write frequency that i don’t know about?

If you’re sure HA is the issue, why not just dedicate a $25 250GB SSD for it?

You sure it isn’t fan noise

Drive noise is usually chassis vibration if you have it. It chassis touching items causing vibration noise? Try moving unit or place towel under feet to see if sound reduced

Seems odd that you wouldn’t hear the disks when the NAS is doing the thing it was designed for.

My DS220+ is fairly noisy with two WD 4GB drives in it, whether HA is running or not: I’m pretty sure that most of the noise is the fan as opposed to the drives.

I solved this by putting it in the same room as the washing machine, connected via Ethernet.

What hard drive is that? Brand, model…

Might want to check the SMART data, in particular “power on count” and “power on hours”. Could be you have the wrong power settings in your drive fw for your use case (which can degrade the expected lifetime rapidly).

HD’s are in general (still) quite a good choice for HA (db writes) because they don’t suffer from write amplification like flash storage does!

Check the recorder docs (commit interval).

Thanks for the suggestion. All my drive bays are used up storing my family photos.

It’s definitely the classic hard drive write noise.

Also you can hear the write noise when I upload photos but that happens less frequently.

Thanks for the suggestion I will look into it.

They are Hitachi HUS724040ALE641

This drive is designed to run 24x7. Are you sure you hear “writing” noises or could it be the wake up/spinning/load from a power saving mode?

Drives like this often fail earlier when configured to sleep as they aren’t designed for many (un)load cycles. For your drive hitachi mentions 600k load counts… Just check the smart data like mentioned to know if you have configured your system wrong



It sounds like this between 0:15 and 0:20:

When I turn off the HAOS virtual machine but keep the NAS running the sound goes away.

I timed the sound and it happens every 30 seconds on the spot. Note that the HA default commit interval is 5 seconds. I tried changing the commit interval to 15 seconds which had no effect (the sound still happened every 30 seconds).

Here is my configuration.yaml:

  commit_interval: 15