Looking to set up a back up HA computer

I currently have an ODROID-N2+ system with 128gb eMMC that I purchased from ameridroid in early 2022. I use it on my small farm to do things like control shelly relays and monitor yolink sensors. I do not have any external devices connected to the computer such as zigbee. The system has become a huge time saver and would be a huge pain do deal with if it went down. I want to get another computer and regularly switch between the two with back ups. I want to do this to be sure both work and that I am competent in installing a back up. I was thinking of getting an identical odroid with the same memory. Am I correct in thinking that eMMC memory is more reliable then an sd card based system? I guess what Iā€™m really asking for here is direction/suggestions on equipment and if anyone else has any experience with something similar.

Thanks for any help.

Donnie Beam

Yes, you are

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