Loosing connection in Kiosk Mode on old Android Tablet


I’m running Home Assistant Dashboard on an old android tablet (Android 4) with Kiosk Mode extension as a Web App. After some time data gets stale. In that case, tap on every control causes an error: “connection error”. After that error appears, web page seems to reconnect again, data is updated and all controls are working again as expected.

User settings for “Close connection automatically” is disabled (off). Home Assistant version is currently 2023.9.2

Any suggestion how to fix the issue?

Which Kiosk mode extension are you using (link)?

I’m using that one:

I think its the most common kiosk mode extension in home assistant universe.
But the mentioned behavior appears as well in all other dashboards.

here is a foto from tablet and error, which appeared after I’ve tried to move the shutters down.
Data are stale, tap on control produces that error:

(Error calling the service cover/close_cover. connection lost)

then GUI blinks short (seems reconnects in background) and after second tap everything works as expected.