LoRa GPS Tracker?

Sorry if this is in the wrong spot. I had an idea that I would surely find the solution to online, however it’s proving to be more difficult than I thought. My end goal is to be able to track location of vehicles, people, etc. on a map within HA. I also wanted to eliminate cloud based solutions, and keep it locally on my network.

I started looking into LoRa, and it looks like it would be what I need distance wise at least to start out with (like tracking pets in the yard). Thought I should be able to make something rechargeable that I could attach to collars or drop in backpacks. Then would have the receiver outside my house with a big antenna or something to pull in the coordinates and then pass that on to HA.

Eventually thought I could make smaller receivers and place them in family’s homes and build a little network that might be able to pick up the occasional ping from my devices and report them to HA if they’re outside the range of the home receiver.

Surely someone has done this? I see a lot of “The Things Network” projects, but I’d really like to keep this private for some of my use-cases.

Thank you!

Yep it’s not difficult at all, you can run a Chirpstack Lora server for your Lora gateway(s) and it’s all local :wink: If you use devices like Rakwireless most of their gateways can run with a local Lorawan server based on Chirstack avoiding a lot of hassles to setup it :wink: