Lorex Doorbell since Dahua Sale

I recently got a Lorex 2k Doorbell B451AJ model. I cant for the life of me connect the Dahua Integration. I have tried all combos of username and passowrd and address. I cant figure it out. I can however RTSP into it, so I know valid credentials.

Has the server changed since the sale to Skywatch? Does the Dahua Integration still work after the sale?

Why does it tell me, Dahua Integration, that my Address, Ussrname or Password is wrong??

I have searched for discussions since the sale and found none relevant. Any Help??

Lorex (now) uses a different firmware and API and therefore it no longer works with the Dahua Addon from rroller. The Amcrest AD410 and the Imou DB61i still work with the Dahua Addon. I used the Amcrest AD110 for around two years and have been using an Imou DB61i for a few weeks now. The Imou DB61i only cost me around €70 via Aliexpress.


From left to right. Which doorbells currently work with the Dahua Addon:

  1. Dahua DB6I = Yes (with an older Firmware)
  2. Lorex = No
  3. Imou DB61i = Yes (with Firmware 1.000.0000003.1.R,build:2023-08-19)
  4. EmpireTech Andy OEM/White Label DB6I = Yes (probably only with an older firmware version)
  5. Amcest AD410 = Yes (all firmware versions so far)

If that’s still possible, I would return the Lorex and get an Imou DB61i or Amcrest AD410 instead. :wink:

I have changed the category to hardware as configuration / zigbee does not fit your question.