Lorex NVR Integration

Hi, I’m trying to get my Lorex 4K cameras/DVR integrated into HA. I’ve tried Motien Eye and just integrating as cameras using the rtsp address of my DVR and I haven’t been succesful (over several months). The NVR is model N882A6 and the cameras are LNE9252B. All cameras are wired directly to the NVR except one, which is connected to the NVR through my LAN.

Has anyone been succesful in integrating these?


the custom component for Dahua cameras which can be installed through HACS sort of works. It’s not the best and some of the additional sensors like smart motion detection don’t work or don’t work reliably. It’s been 8 months since I set it up so unfortunately I couldn’t tell you exactly how I set it up. I have an NVR N843A8 with 4 E892AB cameras and 2 W461ASC cameras. Lorex cameras are based on Dahua because Dahua owns Lorex.

if you remember how you did it, that would be amazing…would love to integrate the feed into my HA dashboard


  1. Integrate Dahua from your HACS menu in HA.
  2. Add your Dahua device:

    Username: Admin
    Password: “whatever your pw is for your NVR in the lorex app”
    IP: Can be found in the lorex app in settings for your nvr

It should populate all appropriate switches and features automatically.

I am only using this to toggle motion detection based off geofencing multiple devices so I havent played around with thumbnails or live view. Hope this helps.