Losing Connection to Google Home?

I have Google integration all set up. However, I often give Google commands and it says it lost connection to <my connections name>. I open up the Google Home app, and there is everything, perfectly controllable. I give the command again and it works fine. But 5 minutes later, it’ll give me the same error, even though the Google Home app still shows everything.

Does anyone else experience this? Anyone know how to fix it?

Seems like you have connectivity problems if your Google Home says it can’t connect to your WiFi.
A “fix” would be difficult to prescribe without a lot more info and debugging!

No, it has connection to Wifi fine. It just can’t connect to my Home Assistant connection. But when I open the Google Home app, it is connecting just fine to my home assistant devices. And then I try the google home speaker again and it works fine. It’s like it goes in and out of connecting to Home Assistant, but only through the speakers and not through the Google Home app (where it remains connected).

Misunderstood the “connections” part.
Does the log show any errors?
Is that though Nabu Casa or custom Google integration?

Once a month or so I may get a ‘home app’ is not accessible from Google but 99% of the time it just works perfectly. Using the manual Google Assistant config here.

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  1. Log shows no errors between it working and then not working.
  2. Through Nabu Casa currently.