Losing connection to SwitchBot devices

Hi, quite new to HA but sofar I enjoyed what I saw. Running it on a dedicated little PC with an N100 CPU; not virtualized.

I get me a set of SmartBot devices to start learning (Hub2, curtain, colorbulb, two motion sensors). Setup in their native app and then initially integrated via Hub2 to HA.

First I used Wifi for the communication but had lost of connection at least once a day which required a HA-reboot to fix. While this connection issue happen the local app was still able to communicate and control the devices.
My first guess was that my wifi setup might caused issue (overlapping 2.4GHz SSID; one dedicated for IOT/HA stuff).

When I turned off the Hub2 I still could connect to the devices via BT.

But still have the lost of communication.

Ha is current latest version as of March 2024

Where can I check for more details in logs to understand what happened and get guidance how to fix ?


Maybe get the hub closer to the WIFI source?

I personally have only used switchbot with BT, having added a couple of esphome BT proxies around to talk to them. Those work pretty good.
Bluetooth Proxy — ESPHome.
Ready-Made Projects — ESPHome.

Thanks for the response @Sir_Goodenough All those drives are within 2m distance; clear line of view (no walls).
But actually one of the links you shared has some possible hint on place BT not in a rack or close to network gear.
Maybe I try to find another place for the BT device as it is right now in a rack and beside a 10Gb switch :laughing:

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Hi, I don’t think this is range related. I’m experiencing the same issue for a couple of days now. It worked perfectly fine for a few weeks, now I get regular disconnects. I do not own the switchbot hub though, Homeassistant (running on a pi, 2m away from the switchbot) is talking via bluetooth to it.