Losing control of zwave devices

Lets say I have the below;

In this current situation ‘13’ can be turned off and on, ‘12’ will not change its state when controlled from HA, but it will update its state when the node is turned off and on physically.

I will then unpair ‘12’ and repair, making its new number ‘14’;

Now ‘14’ can be controlled but not ‘13’.

What the heck is happening :confused:
Ideas / Help?

Wondering if this could be related to another issue I was facing.

How far away are these devices?

Also, what is the output from OZW.log file when you try update the device in HA?

These are bedside lamp switches do, 2m (6ft) apart.

This is the log from OZW when HA tries to control node13;

I found out last night that the OZW web can still control the device directly by either using the dim/bright buttons or level indicator.

Log from OZW without using HA:

Interesting. I checked your HA log through the Open Zwave online tool, and the only issue that came up was that Node 10 is dead.

Are the bedside lamp switches exactly the same? I’m wondering if your Home Assistant zwave config XML file is corrupt. You might be able to delete the zwcfg*.xml file, and then reboot Home Assistant for it to re-cache the settings from your controller.

Yeah, node10 is ‘dead’, iv had it powered off for some time.

Yeah, exact same models, they did work fine side by side in the past.

Ok, just deleted(renamed) zwcfg_0xc35a54c4.xml from /home/hass/.homeassistant
To be sure, also deleted the xml from /srv/hass/src/open-zwave-control-panel
Sudo reboot.

And the results are… the same, one will turn on and the other will not.

Thinking along the lines of purging, does HA have a ‘reset’ feature?
I can just backup the yamls and reset HA + dependencies.

Hmm okay that’s weird then. Strange that the exact same models can’t do it.

If you delete/move everything inside of the Home Assistant config directory, that would be doing a “reset”.

Here’s some other things I would first try though.

  • What version of Home Assistant are you running?
  • What version of Open Zwave is Home Assistant running?
  • What version of Open Zwave is OZWCP running? You should check that they’re running the same version, just incase there’s a bug in the HASS version.
  • In Home Assistant, there is a zwave/soft_reset service, which will not unlink your devices (that would be a hard_reset). This may get things running again, but chances are slim
  • There’s also zwave/heal_network which runs once a night. You can call this service at anytime though from the developers tools. Does running this help?

Depending on what OS you’re using for Home Assistant, it might be better to uninstall open zwave, then re-install it.

Running HA = 0.35.0
I have in the past called the soft_reset and heal_network services but I just did them again now, no change in front end HA control.

Now I have no idea on checking versions.
My setup is on a Raspberry Pi (gen1), setup through the AIO script.
Did a bit googling, tried these commands under the ‘pi’ and ‘hass’ users;
apt list --installed
dpkg --get-selections | grep -v deinstall
Gives me a giant list but nothing like ‘python-open… or python3-open… or just open…’

Quick steps on getting installed version?

Should be at the top of your OZW.log file. Mine reads

2016-12-22 10:09:40.231 Always, OpenZwave Version 1.4.2287 Starting Up

Quick update, I have moved my config to an Ubuntu VM, and a heal now makes the lights ‘work’.
Kinda flaky but it does work.

Much happier now over the Pi.
Cheers for help.