Losing sensors

hi gays,
i am very new here and i dont know if i am in the good topic.
exuses for the bad englisch.
The problem: i am experimented with a raspberry with home assistant cli.
try to mount a move sensor via a conbee2 stick and a zigbee lamp
it works, but wen i put off the raspberry the sensor is gone but the lamp exists.
Do you have a solution

i just see that ha found the sensor, it takes about an hour

Welcome! And no problem -plenty work through language issues, we’ll figure it out.

So, from what I read you’re using Zigbee with a ConbeeII stick, a motion sensor and a lamp.

A couple of questions so people can help better:
What Zigbee add-in are you using for HomeAssistant? (Is it ZHA, Zigbee2MQTT or Decons or something else?)

What is the EXACT model of your Motion Sensor, and your Lamp? (It matters)

How far away are the devices from the Zigbee stick / Pi, and how far away from each other are they?

i installed ZHA, the motionsensor is a ikea trafri, the lamp is a innr dimmable

the innr is RB 265, the tradfri 1745 ?

distance is one meter max, its all experimentel