Lost ability to voice control my Living Room


I’m having a weird issue with Alexa voice commands and one specific room in my house after adding an Ecobee 5 with Alexa yesterday. Before this, I had a working Alexa with voice through Nabu Casa but after enabling Alexa on the thermostat for some reason I now have no control over my livingroom lights from any Alexa device in my house. I can control anything else, but my living room. I can control it manually through the Alexa app so I know it’s not a communication problem, and GA still works too.

What could be so messed up? I’ve tried deleting the room and re-adding it but to no avail. My current thermostat is screwing with my WAF on the home automation.

shared names. Make sure you have a unique friendly name for the device.


I checked that out and unfortunately that didn’t seem to be the issue as Alexa each time did come back and say “ok” and acknowledge the command. I ended up asking it to discover new devices and that seemed to work. Didn’t have to re-add any new devices or modify anything just re-issue the command.