Lost all Zwave nodes, big problem

I’ve a problem with Home assistant and Zwave. I’m using HA for several months and sometimes realy strange things happends with my Zwave nodes. A few months ago I encounter more problems and I hoped the probems where over, but no.

Today I saw that all the entities are gone in mijn HA dashboard. So I looked at the Zwave configuration panel en saw that all the nodes are gone. I had that before and restarting HA and sometimes several times rebooting the host solves te problem. Not this time. :frowning:

After all that restarts I only saw the Zwave USB controller in HA, all the nodes are still gone. When I look in the log I see al the nodes communicates, so they still exist, but not in the HA interface.

You can see the Zwave log over here:

Anyone with a suggestion to get my nodes back? I’ve 45 Zwave nodes so adding them again is a disaster. Also with all that unique names en integrations on it.

It happens to me; restoring a snapshot of a previous working situation corrects the issue for me.

Thanks. You mean a HA snapshot backup of something Zwave config backup?

I thought the network level of nodes seen was at the Z-Wave controller level. The snapshot would have addition model-specific information, but the node needs to be seen first.

I would try a complete shutdown (including power) & reboot. Perhaps the z-stick is locked up or confused.

Yeah I mean a Hassio snapshot. But I think it is primarily about the zwavexxx files that are located in the config directory. If you can restore those from a backup, I would try that

That would not help with the nodes not appearing under the z-wave tab.
If that snapshot information were missing, the nodes would show up as unknown, with the ID numbers.

I am sure you are right. I can’t really explain it but restoring a snapshot has helped me out a lot of times.

If a reboot does not help either a controller reset or replacement may be needed.

This afternoon I restarted the server a few times. After that in the HA settings stop/start network. I wanted to restore a snapshot to give it an try. BUT at that moment there came a visit, so I did not go any further. A few hours later I saw that 95% of all the nodes has come back. Wtf, this is strange. I still missing a few nodes but most of them are returned.

Hopefully this strange behavior does not happen much more often. I’m afraid I must re-add or something to get that last 5% of the nodes back.

Great to hear! So patience might fix things as well :slight_smile: