Lost API password

Looking to see if this community can help with a self-inflicted problem.

I used CloudCutter to cut and flash ESPHome Kickstarter on some Merkury lights (MI-BW210-999WW). I was still leaning about them and ESPHome, and before I realized how important they were, I somehow overwrote the API password for one of the lights. I have looked everywhere I can find for it, including within .\storage\, the \lbretuya-esphome\.esphome\build and \main.cpp files. I have tried everything that I can think of and find.

I have the light connected via LibreTiny ESPHome to HA and its fully functional, I just can’t flash new firmware or update the YALM file for the light. I have access to the web portal and I do have the OTA password. I have attempted to flash a new firmware there, but I don’t know how to get the ESPHome-Kickstart-v23.04.28\_bk7231t\_app.ota.ug.bin file into the proper .uf2 format.

Any help or ideas to help save this light are greatly appreciated.

If you have the bin file you originally flashed then try

strings firmware.bin  |less

I tried many times to complied and determine the password, so I don’t think I have it.

So it the OTA password or the API password you are missing?

API. I have the OTA password.

Then you should be able to flash it (I think)

I was being an idiot. The issue was with the OTA password, not API. I corrected the OTA password and everything is fine not.

I appreciate the help.

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