Lost border and shadow after 2024.4 update

Hi. Can someone help me fix this issue? The frontend has changed since 2024.4 update. I’ve lost some styles(border and shadow). This cards requires panel: true. However with it being true, the border & shadow do not show up.

If I set to panel: false, the border & shadow show but the layout is not what I want.

partial code:

title: Chores
path: chores
icon: mdi:bookmark-check
background: "center / cover no-repeat url('/local/lovelace/wallpaper/midnight.jpg') fixed"
panel: true

  - type: custom:layout-card
    layout_type: horizontal-layout
      max_cols: 4

      - type: vertical-stack
        title: Home
         - !include
           - /config/lovelace/tpl/chores_tpl.yaml
           - name: Change Bed Sheets
             sensor_name: change_bed_sheets
             icon: mdi:bed
             warning_before: 2
             cycle_days: 24