Lost entities in neo door/window sensors

For some reason I have lost the binary sensors for one of my door sensors since the last HA update 2021.09.2. with z-wave_js driver v 8.1.1 and server v 1.10.0

Im using the Neo door/window sensors, I have 2 of them and this has only effected 1.
I have a new one which I reset and added to HA through the z-wave inclusion, this added ok but still showed no binary sensors only 7 disabled entities.

I noticed in the z-wave logs the device was responding to open and closed state for the door.

any thoughts on this?

Hi, I don’t have the Neo Door/Window sensors but I remember a simillar problem I had with the Neo NAS-PD03Z PIR sensors, here the solution was to set the 121:Report Type parameter but that was with the original Zwave Integration:


Looking at the Zwawejs Integration I don’t see this so you might want to check that Parameter 3 is set to 255 (remember that battery powered devices need to be woken up for config changes to take effect):


The other thing you could do is compare the parameter settings with the other sensor you have which is working correctly.

I’m not sure if this will solve your problem but you never know …

Thank you for your help, I only have 2 parameters and they are set the same as the working sensor.

I assume that you have tried the “Re-interview Device” and “Heal Device” options so I don’t know what else to try other than to remove the device and re-pair it again.

Yes, I have tried all of that, just created an issue report https://github.com/home-assistant/core/issues/55772 so will see how things work out. Thanks again though.