Lost Lock Node?

Need some help with this one…I had to do a factory reset of my Yale YRD110 Deadbolt lock because I forgot the master keycode (story for another day). Before doing so I excluded the lock from the Z-wave network and reset the deadbolt. After I set the master code, I went back into HassIO and added a secure node back to my network. Within the seconds the network found the lock and added the new device. However…This is were things get weird…It added all the entities and they are all functional…but the node is not listed in the Z-wave drop down list (it was there before I excluded it) on the Zwave configuration page of HA? So I rebooted the server and still no node…I repeated the process of excluding and re-adding the lock with the same results…Tired to heal the network several times…no luck. Any suggestions on how I can get HA to list the node?

Update: Nevermind! Turns out it did add the node, however, it labeled it as Assa Bloy Deadbolt, therefore putting it at the very top of the drop down…and for whatever reason (not sure if it’s a bug or not) it pushes it past the top of the visible screen space. Renamed it to push it further down the list. Problem solved.