Lost mqtt after 2.4

I use mqtt to transfer data from my weather station to HA. Works perfect. After the update to 2.4 it stopped working.

I restored the backup and all is well.

So, is it gone forever, or is there an alternative?

I sorta depend on this.

No, it’s a bug. They linked to the wrong post, try this one:

Downgrade to 2022.2.3 and wait for the 2022.2.5 release. It should be fixed then.

To downgrade:

ha core update --version 2022.2.3
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I wish I would have seen this early than you posted…

Pays to keep an eye on the release notes topic. I posted it there 4 hours ago.

I agree…that is also why I typically do updates on the weekend when I have time to deal with issues…but…

Hello, I’m new here and I had this issue last night and couldn’t find any information. The new release of course fixed it but I see you referencing an up to the minute release notes section that I’m unaware of. Can you point me to that for future use please?

It’s linked in my previous post.

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How would you find the release notes for the minor versions that are not on the ’ Category: Release-Notes’? For example, where would I need to keep an eye to see where the release notes for 2022.2.5 or 2022.2.6 would appear? Or do you have to scroll all the way through the main blog post for 2022.2?

easiest is here.
Releases · home-assistant/core (github.com)

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