Lost my user name and password for Mosquitto server

Hi to all,

I installed Home Assistant years ago and I have not needed a login for the mosquitto broker since that time. I either changed the password or maybe I add an ssh key. (because I see core-ssh login:) In either case, I think I have lost this function and I was going to use it because I wanted to give access to ESPresence for room presence detection. I don’t mind reinstalling the mosquitto broker, but if I then reinstall Home Assistant from a backup, will it leave my new login alone or will it over-write it with my old one?

Thanks for any advice you can give me.


The username and password should be visible in the MQTT reconfigure config button. settings/devices/mqtt

I was in the seme boat yesterday but found settings there that worked.

Not anymore… it shows now this:

if using the add-on, you can just create an extra HA user (user, not person) to be used in mosquitto.

+1 does anybody has a way to recover the default mqtt password? Without creating a new user

I don’t use the internal MQTT broker but from memory isn’t the username/password set up the same as your HA one by default?

Had this problem last night that you can no longer view it. I had the MQTT explorer add on installed and it was saved and viewable in there.

Made sure to save it else where now as I may have just gotten lucky.