Lost Some Cards with 2022.8 - HACS file Missing

I just update from 2022.7 to 2022.8. After I did, Lovelace gave errors that some cards were missing. This is one example:


It started working again when I changed the resource url to:


It also fixed the other two cards with the same type of change. I still have a few resources left that start with hacsfiles. Has this location gone away with 2022.8? I don’t see it in the home assistant directory. Should I change all my resources? Mainly curious as to what changed. I didn’t see anything is breaking changes, but I may have not looked hard enough.


I went back to HACS. It now complains they aren’t loaded. Haven’t tried deleting and reading yet as I don’t know what the problem is.

Update 2

To see if I could fix the problem in HACS, I changed the resource url’s back to their original values and they worked. HACS no longer complains so everything is good. Very strange.