Lost the ability to create working firmware

I don’t know what happened, but after May 1, I lost the ability to create working firmware. When I create firmware for the existing configuration, it doesn’t work, even though I have firmware with the same configuration that works.

  name: warehouse-kovel-2
  friendly_name: warehouse-kovel-2
    board_build.flash_mode: dio
  board: esp32-c3-devkitm-1
    type: esp-idf
  variant: ESP32C3

# Enable logging
  level: DEBUG

  - ssid: !secret wifi_ssid
    password: !secret wifi_password     
  - ssid: !secret wifi_ssid_guest
    password: !secret wifi_password_guest

INFO ESPHome 2024.5.3
INFO Reading configuration /config/esphome/warehouse-kovel-2.yaml...
INFO Generating C++ source...
INFO Compiling app...
Processing warehouse-kovel-2 (board: esp32-c3-devkitm-1; framework: espidf; platform: platformio/[email protected])
HARDWARE: ESP32C3 160MHz, 320KB RAM, 4MB Flash
 - framework-espidf @ 3.40407.0 (4.4.7) 
 - tool-cmake @ 3.16.4 
 - tool-ninja @ 1.7.1 
 - toolchain-esp32ulp @ 2.35.0-20220830 
 - toolchain-riscv32-esp @ 8.4.0+2021r2-patch5
Reading CMake configuration...
Generating assembly for certificate bundle...
No dependencies
Compiling .pioenvs/warehouse-kovel-2/src/esphome/components/esp32/core.o
Compiling .pioenvs/warehouse-kovel-2/src/esphome/components/esp32/gpio.o
Compiling .pioenvs/warehouse-kovel-2/src/esphome/components/esp32/preferences.o
Compiling .pioenvs/warehouse-kovel-2/src/esphome/components/logger/logger.o
Compiling .pioenvs/warehouse-kovel-2/src/esphome/components/logger/logger_esp32.o
Compiling .pioenvs/warehouse-kovel-2/src/esphome/components/logger/logger_esp8266.o
Compiling .pioenvs/warehouse-kovel-2/src/esphome/components/logger/logger_host.o
Compiling .pioenvs/warehouse-kovel-2/src/esphome/components/logger/logger_libretiny.o
Compiling .pioenvs/warehouse-kovel-2/src/esphome/components/logger/logger_rp2040.o
Archiving .pioenvs/warehouse-kovel-2/bootloader/esp-idf/soc/libsoc.a
Compiling .pioenvs/warehouse-kovel-2/bootloader/spi_flash/esp32c3/spi_flash_rom_patch.o
Archiving .pioenvs/warehouse-kovel-2/bootloader/esp-idf/micro-ecc/libmicro-ecc.a
Generating partitions .pioenvs/warehouse-kovel-2/partitions.bin
Archiving .pioenvs/warehouse-kovel-2/bootloader/esp-idf/spi_flash/libspi_flash.a
Linking .pioenvs/warehouse-kovel-2/bootloader.elf
Generating an empty partition .pioenvs/warehouse-kovel-2/ota_data_initial.bin
Building .pioenvs/warehouse-kovel-2/bootloader.bin
Creating esp32c3 image...
Successfully created esp32c3 image.
Linking .pioenvs/warehouse-kovel-2/firmware.elf
RAM:   [=         ]   8.6% (used 28236 bytes from 327680 bytes)
Flash: [====      ]  35.5% (used 650884 bytes from 1835008 bytes)
Building .pioenvs/warehouse-kovel-2/firmware.bin
Creating esp32c3 image...
Successfully created esp32c3 image.
esp32_create_combined_bin([".pioenvs/warehouse-kovel-2/firmware.bin"], [".pioenvs/warehouse-kovel-2/firmware.elf"])
Wrote 0xafd60 bytes to file /data/build/warehouse-kovel-2/.pioenvs/warehouse-kovel-2/firmware-factory.bin, ready to flash to offset 0x0
======================== [SUCCESS] Took 150.38 seconds ========================
INFO Successfully compiled program.

[10:03:11]Build:Feb  7 2021
[10:03:11]rst:0x1 (POWERON),boot:0xd (SPI_FAST_FLASH_BOOT)
[10:03:11]mode:DIO, clock div:1
[10:03:11]entry 0x403cc710
[10:03:11]I (30) boot: ESP-IDF 4.4.7 2nd stage bootloader
[10:03:11]I (30) boot: compile time 10:07:44
[10:03:11]I (30) boot: chip revision: v0.3
[10:03:11]I (32) boot.esp32c3: SPI Speed      : 80MHz
[10:03:11]I (37) boot.esp32c3: SPI Mode       : DIO
[10:03:11]I (41) boot.esp32c3: SPI Flash Size : 4MB
[10:03:11]I (46) boot: Enabling RNG early entropy source...
[10:03:12]I (52) boot: Partition Table:
[10:03:12]I (55) boot: ## Label            Usage          Type ST Offset   Length
[10:03:12]I (63) boot:  0 otadata          OTA data         01 00 00009000 00002000
[10:03:12]I (70) boot:  1 phy_init         RF data          01 01 0000b000 00001000
[10:03:12]I (77) boot:  2 app0             OTA app          00 10 00010000 001c0000
[10:03:12]I (85) boot:  3 app1             OTA app          00 11 001d0000 001c0000
[10:03:12]I (92) boot:  4 nvs              WiFi data        01 02 00390000 0006d000
[10:03:12]I (100) boot: End of partition table
[10:03:12]I (104) esp_image: segment 0: paddr=00010020 vaddr=3c080020 size=159c8h ( 88520) map
[10:03:12]I (126) esp_image: segment 1: paddr=000259f0 vaddr=3fc8f600 size=02434h (  9268) load
[10:03:12]I (128) esp_image: segment 2: paddr=00027e2c vaddr=40380000 size=081ech ( 33260) load
[10:03:12]I (138) esp_image: segment 3: paddr=00030020 vaddr=42000020 size=78a20h (494112) map
[10:03:12]I (214) esp_image: segment 4: paddr=000a8a48 vaddr=403881ec size=072e8h ( 29416) load
[10:03:12]I (224) boot: Loaded app from partition at offset 0x10000
[10:03:12]I (225) boot: Disabling RNG early entropy source...
[10:03:12]I (225) cpu_start: Unicore app
[10:03:12]I (229) cpu_start: Pro cpu up.
[10:03:12]I (244) cpu_start: Pro cpu start user code
[10:03:12]I (244) cpu_start: cpu freq: 160000000
[10:03:12]I (244) cpu_start: Application information:
[10:03:12]I (247) cpu_start: Project name:     warehouse-kovel-2
[10:03:12]I (252) cpu_start: App version:      2024.5.3
[10:03:12]I (257) cpu_start: Compile time:     May 27 2024 10:05:55
[10:03:12]I (263) cpu_start: ELF file SHA256:  eeed9c1e6fad435b...
[10:03:12]I (269) cpu_start: ESP-IDF:          4.4.7
[10:03:12]I (274) cpu_start: Min chip rev:     v0.3
[10:03:12]I (279) cpu_start: Max chip rev:     v1.99 
[10:03:12]I (284) cpu_start: Chip rev:         v0.3
[10:03:12]I (289) heap_init: Initializing. RAM available for dynamic allocation:
[10:03:12]I (296) heap_init: At 3FC96460 len 000462B0 (280 KiB): DRAM
[10:03:12]I (302) heap_init: At 3FCDC710 len 00002950 (10 KiB): STACK/DRAM
[10:03:12]I (309) heap_init: At 50000020 len 00001FE0 (7 KiB): RTCRAM
[10:03:12]I (317) sleep: Configure to isolate all GPIO pins in sleep state
[10:03:12]I (322) sleep: Enable automatic switching of GPIO sleep configuration

Even this simple configuration doesn’t work. I have already tried the Arduino framework, but it doesn’t work either.
It gets stuck on the First Stage Bootloader.
I even installed ESPHome locally, but all the logs are the same.
What should I try to get it working again?

Post here please

My issue was closed on the forum because the firmware itself works; the problem is in logging. After research, I found out that only Verbose and Very Verbose messages are output in the log.