Lost Zigbee device after Home Assistant OS update

I am running Home Assistant OS on a Home Assistant Blue.
I just updated to Home Assistant OS 10.1.

Since then I can not see my Zigbee device anymore.
It was mounted on a path similar to this:


However, since the update, I can not find the device anymore.
I already changed the USB ports on the Home Assistant blue.
Nothing I can find right now.

Okay. As always, a simple reboot of the whole system worked.
I thought I did just that but apparently, the reboot button is hidden behind the advanced field.
I misunderstood the yellow restart button and assumed it was the reboot.

Anyway, if someone encounters this just give it a reboot.

Rebooting usually work for me but not always.
I then need to manually enter the configuration of the zigbee controller and choose the correct USB/serial port. This time I had to do that