Lots of empty space on dashboard left and right

I bought a Lenovo Tab m10 plus for my wall-mounted workspace. However, if I make a 2-column dashboard, I have a lot of space left and right. That’s not nice. Can I also make the columns wider or divide them into 40% 30% 30%, for example?

  - title: Home
    type: sections
    icon: mdi:home-circle-outline
    path: o24-home
      - type: grid
          - type: vertical-stack

Sidebar view should fill the screen and split it 66/33. Panel view should fill the screen, but you can only have one card, so all your existing buttons etc would have to be in a vertical stack or a horizontal stack or a combination of both.

I use layout card now and it seems this works. Lovelace Plugins · thomasloven/hass-config Wiki · GitHub