Lots of problems with Home Assistant

Firstly I tried writing Hass.io (64 and 32) to my raspberry pi sd card and it did not work, I waited a long time and nothing worked, and then I tried hassbian and it worked a little bit, but it kept stopping and I got locked out.
Then I tried HassOS and it worked okay until it stopped a bit but the problem stopped (or was occasional) but I am locked out of HassOS now. What do I do
Please help me with one of my problems at least

What does that mean?

I know my password but it won’t let me log in

Are you trying to log in to the RPi thru SSH or something or to the home assistant frontend at IP:8123?

I’m trying to log in the UI

do you have access to the files in the configuration directory?

What install method are trying to log onto now, Hassbian or HassOS?

What is the error you are getting?

I do not have access to the files but I can try to


The error is “Invalid username or password”

If you can get access to the configuration files directory (I can’t help you there since I don’t use HassOS) then you can go into the “/.storage” folder and in there delete the file called “onboarding”. I think that’s the only one needed but if it doesn’t work then you can also delete the files “auth” & “auth_provider.homeassistant” as well. Then restart HA. once it restarts you will have to set up a new admin account by entering a username & password again.

You can clear the authentication and start again.

I think there in not any real advice for our problems with Home Assistant.
My story. I was working perfectly about two years and with the updates of 2022.02.16 i lost everything. I break my head on wall. I made a new fresh installation with Balena i started Home assistant i tried to restore partialy backup but restoration failed.
I then reinstalled a new sd card , created an account , entered in account , I changed the ip address of the server, aftrer I rebooted my raspberry and i never reentered to Home assistant
I pay for Nabucasa for three years and there is any body to ask. The manufacturer of Home Assistant care only for new integrations and devises not the problems of the users. All users left alone to play with lot of issues and no solution.