Lots of sensors (flood, motion etc) now have a dimmer parameter.. WTF?

Maybe its 2023.11 update, but I now have a multitude of non-light sensors with dimmer setting parameters. These are really screwing my “light on” counts etc and also giving the sensor the wrong icons. Not sure wtf is going on. Any ideas?

Perhaps related to this?

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I was wondering the same, and am going to role back as a result- this breaks a couple of templates eg light on counters etc as it registers false light entities. Whoever Raman325 is needs to explain tgd what and why as this does not seem right. My flood sensors now all have dimmers…

Just disable the entities, it’s not that hard.

Ah - thankyou. Wasn’t aware that that was a thing - won’t have to roll-back now, so you’ve saved me a whole world of pain!

Simple for some, hard for others until “you know”!! I’d still love to know what the intent of the change was as at face value its completely pointless! Not sue if @raman325 would care to shed any light on it as it’s made it right upto the ZWave JS database, which is therefore now in error (Flood sensors etc. don’t have a dimmer setting…)

It’s for Z-Wave certification reasons.

@freshcoast : Thanks for the info - but I still don’t understand why, for instance a flood sensor now has a dimmer parameter. I’m an Industrial IT professional, so classes, entities and parameters aren’t new to me; what I’m trying to understand is this latest change…

I explained in the thread that was previously referred to:

You can read the PR that is linked in the 2023.11 breaking changes, and the certification issue linked in the above post if you want more details.

The change was implemented to support Z-Wave certification. HA doesn’t know which devices need to have Basic CC support, so it creates the entity based on information from the driver.

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@freshcoast : Many thanks. So if there is an inappropriate entry, that needs taking up with the Zwave JS database via a fork in GitHub? There are various bits of missing info I want to add to a number of zwave devices, so I guess this is the push I needed.

Hey Pat, whoever you are, I’d suggest next time you try again with a different tone and without tagging people that aren’t even part of this conversation, it’s impolite and makes the people you are trying to get help from focus on telling you what you are doing wrong instead of actually helping you.

freshcoast gave you the answer you need. Do yourself a favor and google “zwave certification” before you go create more needless work for the Z-Wave JS team (hint: it is not a problem specific to the project).

I’ve spent a while debating on how to reply to this as this is a technical forum, and it should stay that way. However, your reply has been bugging me all day. “Whoever you are” - hmm, nice “tone”… I read the link from Freshcoast and many of the supporting docs as he’d suggested, but on the basis that, unlike yourself, I’m not steeped in how HA needs to comply with ZW integrations (and it wasn’t obvious from the docs either), I sought clarification, which he helpfully provided. As you were the author of the change, I’d already tagged you in before receiving this - sorry if you thought this inappropriate. Me, btw? Senior DCS application developer for Tier 1 COMAH sites - slightly more impactful if I get it wrong than not getting household entities to do what they’re told, but at the same time, not as much fun!

Maybe you didn’t mean anything by it, but perhaps don’t call out and demand something from others in the community:

Don’t make it personal, no one owes you, random person on the internet, an explanation.


My reply was probably more snarky than it needed to be, but as freshcoast mentioned below, your post reeks of entitlement. I am the author of most changes to the zwave integration, so yes, it’s inappropriate to tag me because if everyone did what you did I’d be getting pinged all day, which ironically enough takes me away from the thing you actually want me to do, which is to improve the integration.

At this point I’m done with this conversation. If you need any additional help, feel free to start a new post, and try to understand that language matters when you are asking questions, especially when that’s all we have to interpret.


By the way, you are complaining about tone but then using your credentials to explain to me why the work I am doing is not impactful enough. You do realize I do this for free in my spare time because I enjoy it right? Do you think this is the most important thing I do on a day to day basis? I also have a job that has nothing to do with home automation, and I’ll spare you the details of what I do, because believe it or not, it means nothing in this context.

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No, I absolutely expected that this wasn’t your job - folk supporting projects like this rarely get paid and even less often the credit they deserve. I guess that I was pointing out that even for those with skills on non-ZW systems, working our way through what you obviously understand to great depth isn’t necessarily easy. Nor is finding out those at the heart of the project. Sorry if I offended you or Freshcoast - certainly no entitlement expected.

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I’ll chalk this conversation up to a misunderstanding based on some choice language you started with - I just hope you’ll be more judicious with your choice of words the next time you have a question about a change that was made.

I gave a general answer which you might be interested in reading: PSA: Upcoming Z-Wave JS changes and Z-Wave certification - how it impacts you

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