Lots of "unnamed devices" in HTML5 Notification Registrations file

For some reason I’m seeing anywhere form 10 to 20 “unnamed device” records in the conf file - I’ve named my wife and my phones so I know which they are.

Is there a way to unregister them? When I delete them they just come back.

Edit: Seems like I’m unable to edit the file at all. I tried changing the names of a few of the other unnamed registrations but they just revert when I open the file again.

Could you be more specific? Which file are you talking about? known_devices.yaml?

It’s the html5_push_notifications.conf file.

Basically when you enable the push notifications in chrome it registers your device in that file. Normally you can go in and rename a device so you can easily target notifications.

Right now there are a lot of unknown devices and I can’t remove or rename them.

Any help would be appreciated.

Ah, Sorry, I thought I could help. I haven’t dealt with push notifications to a browser.

No worries thanks anyway for taking the time to help me clarify.

I’m not sure what causes it. I think it is some kind of caching/interface issue with HA where when you visit the configuration tab it’ll try to register your device if the browser thinks it should be registered but HA reports that it is not.

If you want to rename/delete the devices I suggest you stop HA, edit the file, and then start HA back up. This works for me fine.