Louvre Roof Control

Hi Everyone,

I am very new to HA and am hoping you could help with a small project. I have a motorised Louvre roof being installed which will open and close with a closed contact input.

I plan on using a 5V relay card connected to my home assistant Raspberry PI GPIO pins and using the GPIO switch platform. one for open one for close.

The Louvres open from whatever direction they last closed in, and stop closing when the contact is released.

Ultimately I would like to have them automatically move position with the sun, create a dashboard card that has manual control for open, close and for set positions. Say 25% open, 50% and 100% open.

I assume I will need to time how long it takes for the contact closure to take them from closed in one direction to the other then work back from there.

I am just a little unsure of what the best way to go about this is in terms of utilising entities, helpers scripts ect.

Could you give any advice as to how you would achieve this if it were you doing it?

Thanks in advance for advice :slight_smile: