Lovelace - 404: Not Found

I just simply don’t get it.
Lovelace seems to be a pretty simple thing to be installed.

Created the ui-lovelace.yaml file in the .homeassistant/config folder. (I’m using ubuntu btw)
Entered the default url of HA:port/lovelace, and whatever I do, I allways get ‘404: Not Found’.
What am I missing?
This should be easy as hell, shouldn’t it?


Try the i button in dev tools and then there is a link to try lovelace on this device and another one to set it as the default.

I’m not sure what you’re asking me to do. :slight_smile:
You mean I should use HA:port/lovelace/0
That’s also 404 error.
The I button in the dev tool doesn’t have any link to try lovelace. :confused:

You might want to try a version that has lovelace in it!

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“Starting with Home Assistant 0.72, we’re experimenting with a new way of defining your interface. We’re calling it the Lovelace UI.”

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that’s odd, because I have the 0.77.1 version installed :-o

not according to your screenshot

okay, I had this problem for eternity now, and couldn’t solve it.

after a couple of tries I just didn’t give a damn about it.
now I think this has to do something about it.
The problem might be that I used this tutorial to install.

But after a while messed up a bit, and changed the user of the home assistant to my default user.
couldn’t fix permissions not with chown nor with chmod.
will find an ubuntu expert here in the office to help me fix this mess. :slight_smile:
if not, I’ll purge everything and will have a clean install.

I think you just put it in the wrong place. Is the configuration.yaml in that folder as well? According to the tutorial you linked, the full path is /home/homeassistant/.homeassistant, no extra /config folder.

yea, I also though about it.
copied the file into .homeassistant folder also.
didn’t help.
I think I need to find out first, why I get different version number on the frontend, then I get on the command prompt. :confused:

Probably caching issue. Is there a deps/ folder in config/? If yes, what’s in it?

it does have it a deps folder here


it is empty.

status report.
we found out the problem.
I should have update the home assistant in the virtual env.
thank you for pointing out on that.