Lovelace: Alarm card

You have a tab instead of spaces somewhere on that line.

Thank you much for the quick response. That was it. I felt silly as I did see the explanation from HA docs site but looking at the line and didn’t see any tab spacing lol

I’m still not able to see the card. It flashes with a red screen, I assume with errors, then minimize. See attached. There is nothing in the ha log (I ran HA at command line as monitor the scrolling screen).

My dev box is Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. Running ha in virtual env. 0.74.1

I did also pump the version v= to 2 and 3. Opened Incognito mode a few times. Also cleared Cache few times. Same issue.

Browers used were Chrome on Windows 10 and Windows 7.

I do have javascript_version: latest in configuration.yaml

Any other tip? Thanks!

Please disregard…I didn’t define alarm_control_panel in configuration.yam Doh!!!

I get the same error. Did this ever get fixed? My error is in my system log. Log Details (ERROR)
Thu Jul 26 2018 01:17:44 GMT+0430 (Afghanistan Time) Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token <

any idea what could be causing this?

Please read the FAQ. You did not download the raw file

This is awesome!

Is it possible to make it fullscreen, for use on a tablet/mobile in kiosk mode? If so - how?

Today I use MQTT Alarm Control Panel for Raspberry Pi and Android for that, but this could be a quicker way.

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Yes it can. Use panel: true for view amd add proper scale to make buttons bigger

Thanks, that was actually not what I meant, but it was good info anyway :slight_smile:

I meant the HA header:

Cand you search for a kiosk mode that can be enabled in your browser? That might do it, but I never actually tried it myself

The kiosk mode is easy with Chrome or an app on your phone, but it won’t remove the red header - it has to be done within Home Assistant. No biggie - I was just curious. Thanks anyway!

Try this made just for you :slight_smile:

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That’s so cool. Thanks!
I don’t want to sound greedy now - but is there some way to make it work on just selected views?
Maybe a future development?

Typically I’d use kiosk mode on https://hassio/lovelace/3 (the alarm keypad view) but not on https://hassio/lovelace/1, 2, 4 and so on.

Then I could just enter https://hassio/lovelace/3 in the kiosk app on the tablet and since a guest can’t change the URL, they can’t see anything else of HA, just the alarm card.


Doable. Will look tomorrow.

Update: Take another look at the gist, it’s updated. Now you only need to make sure your URL has the word kiosk in it and you’re done.
You can either use view ID or a query parameter to achieve this.



Getting this error in the logs

" ERROR (MainThread) [frontend.js.latest.201807200] Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property ‘value’ of null

When manually trying to disarm the Arlo control panel

And this appears after a HA restart - [frontend.js.latest.201807200] Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘_stateDisplay’ of null

I’m getting this error.
I have added the alarm_control_panel-card.js in config/www
I have added the resource info in the ui-lovelace.yaml.

I am using Yet Another Take on an Alarm System, if that affects it?

Any ideas please?


Add ?v=2 or v=3 or increase the number. Your cache is expired.
Also make sure you’ve restarted HASS since creating any new files in www

I already tried changing the number and restarting ha.
The error is still there.

This is the first custom card I’ve tried with Lovelace. I might try a different custom card and see what happens.

Edit: just tried monster card. Same issue. I have tried copying the raw data and created the Js from scratch. Still no avail. Any ideas please?

Alright, so I have monster card working now, and the error for the alarm card had gone. But it’s just a blank bar now. Nothing is displayed in the alarm card.

Is this due to me using “Yet another take on an alarm system”? Or are people successfully using this with that?


EDIT: Got it working! I realised my entity name didn’t match up! So simple. :roll_eyes:

@grantc can you please open an issue with config sample as well on the github repo for custom-lovelace?

Awesome card, I intend to use it in a wall mounted panel.

One question though; How do I configure the auto_enter options?

  - code_lenght: 4
  - arm_action: arm_home

Is obvious not the right way, but what is?