MQTT Alarm Control Panel for Raspberry Pi and Android

I created a MQTT Alarm Control Panel for use with Home Assistant’s new Manual Alarm Control Panel component. This project was built using a Raspberry Pi 3 and a 7" Touchscreen display running Android Things.

Build instructions:
Demo video:
Source code:

I also created an Android tablet version that is available on Google Play and as a downloadable APK file for sideloading.

Google play store:
Source code and APK file:
Community Page:

A quick shout out to @colinodell for creating the Manual Alarm Control Panel and his DIY Touch Screen Alarm Control Panel which helped inspire this project.



Looks really nice

Can it be useed with the 3.5" display?

If the display is compatible with Android Things. Currently they have no list of supported displays so you will have to try it to see. It is also possible that interface needs to be tweaked to fit the display.

This is really impressive! Nicely done!

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indeed very impressive work!

Wouldn’t be possible to make it more PiZero friendly? :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you have any ide how to configure the Android thing to use the GPIO pins insted of HDMI?

This is the screen i have

You could try, but I don’t think Android Things supports the PiZero. That doesn’t’ mean it wouldn’t work though, just not supported.

You have drivers in Android Things to communicate to the GPIO, this is how the 7" touch screen is attached, its not through the HDMI. Check out the I/O support for Android Things:

There isn’t any discussion for directly supporting that particular display, but there is support for similar displays, check out this discussion and also this one

Could u link What screen you are useing?

7" Touchscreen Raspberry Pi Foundation

Will there be a version for Android Phones?

Yes, working on that, it will support phones but in landscape. I also need to add some logic to wake the screen using motion detection for the camera, but that will be later.

Would be awesome

Maybe I’m blind but I don’t see the APK for download. I don’t know the first thing about compiling from source. Would like to try and side load on an old tablet and the Play Store says none of my devices are compatible.


First i would like to thank you for sharing this nice piece. I just tried to setup it up on a raspberry pi3 with 7" touch, but for some reason I cannot get the MQTT broker ip address to save or better yet i don’t see any “save or ok” button to press on. Any ideas""""

You should be able to get the APK from here:

Let me check that and if there is an issue I will compile a new build (it might not be until tomorrow, so hang tight!!)

That would be fine and thank you for your fast reply