Lovelace: Alarm card


I have the same issue after the update to 0.85.
No numbers. I tried adding to the lovelace config:

hide_keypad: false
show_keypad: true

no difference.


same here, using elkm1 panel if it matters


opened issue 19983: for this as I believe it’s a bug. No mention of the planned change of behavior is mentioned anywhere that I can tell…


Yes @gremblin, I tried the same. No dice :sunglasses:


Tried the fix first from here:

and then the one from here:

But still do not get my keypad back. Yes, I am running Lovelace, and it worked in .84.x (using Envisalink), but not in 0.85.1.


Is there a way to add/enter a star/asterisk key (*)? I some time use the “Instant Alarm” mode (*9 + code) or quick exit (*0).


Still no go! 85.1
I also notice my pincode box is filled with characters (hidden password dots)

Anyone any update?


Am I correct that the Keypad (alar-panel) is gone in the latest 0.85.1 update?


it’s working for me with my envisalink/DSC setup.


Arh sorry… You use this alarm card right?
I use the built in one, maybe that does the difference?


I’m using the now-default lovelace card in 0.85.1. not a custom one.


Hmm okay then. And you see all the digits (keypad)?


Indeed, I do.


Can YOU perhaps check the version number you got of the


I could if I knew where it was. :flushed:

find / -iname "*"


It should be under the /custom_components/alarm_control_panel


but as I said, I’m using the now built-in card, not the custom component.


I better just go to bed! Sorry!


You’re assuming he’s using the custom component alarm by gazoscalvertos (YET another take on an alarm system), right? Doesn’t look like he is. I am and I’m also missing the keypad in the latest release, using the now-default lovelace card alarm-panel. Just thought I’d (hopefully) clear up the confusion.

Edit: Looks like this might be fixed in the next release:

Alarm-panel not showing keypad or Accept input

I’m running through the original post instructions, I’ve uploaded the config file to the config/www folder.
When that file is open in the Configurator, there is an alert for line 16: set hass(hass) {
The alert says: Setter is defined without getter. Is that a problem?

Everything seems to be working great. Thanks for the fantastic card.

Cheers, Richard