Lovelace and dim all lights

Hi guys,
Have a few questions/scenarios I would like to have your input on. Im using / Lovelace with a new Samsung Tv + Sonos and old Samsung TV + Chromecast and Philips Hue lights.

  1. As for wake up I would like to start all lights with 5% brightness and over a course of lets say 30 minutes get up to 40% brightness (I know the hue app got this but want all my intelligence into HA)

  2. I would like to add a button to manually dim all my hue lights to like 10%

  3. When playing my a movie on my samsung tv connected to sonos I would like all lights in the living room to dim to 10% brightness.

  4. When playing my a movie on my chrome-cast I would like all lights in the bedroom to dim to 10% brightness.

Please advice!

These would have nothing to do with lovelace. Look into the documents on creating scenes, and of course automations. they all can be done pretty easily.

  1. I have a similar automation set as my wake up alarm. I have a scene created which over the course of 30 min. turns my nightstand lights from 0% brightness to 100% brightness, then calls a TTS to give me a rundown on what is going on in the house and the weather for the day.

  2. easy peasy with a scene.

  3. see no. 4 :slight_smile:

  4. I currently have a “movie night” automation that turns all of my family room LIFX bulbs to a purple color at 50% brightness when the chromecast changes from an idle state to a playing state, and back to normal lighting when a change from idle to off from that particular chromecast happens.

using the scene features will make the automations a bit shorter as you will only have to make a call to activate the scene.

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