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Lovelace and packages


I’ve been making extensive use of Home Assistant packages for convenient distribution of the necessary components required for the HASwitchPlate project.

The way HASP works is that for each physical HASP device, a set of components are deployed including input_sliders, input_text, a whole pile of automations, several groups, and a view. I created a script which will pull down a copy of the package, rename everything to match the selected HASP device name, and deploy it into the user’s Home Assistant folder structure. This keeps everything nicely compartmentalized and the only modification required to the user’s main configuration.yaml is to confirm that there is a call to include the ./packages folder. Users can add and delete the folders as needed and the components/views/etc are created/deleted automatically.

Now however we have Lovelace, and it works quite a bit differently. The standard UI approach puts everything into a single file, and I don’t see any means of using packages against that file. An alternative is to force the user to transition to yaml, but that also doesn’t appear to support packages (or maybe I’m doing it wrong), meaning once again the user now needs to individually maintain the entries in the file every time they add/remove a HASP device.

Am I missing something here? Is there an approach to using packages with Lovelace? If so, does anyone have a repo somewhere where this is done so I can take a look at a functioning example?


Lovelace in HA package files