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Lovelace as a Dashboard


Been looking around the docs and i’m curious has anybody used this to replace any wall panels?

After skimming the docs it looks like i could create what i have in HADashboard. Has anybody done this? Or have i got the wrong end of the stick?

NOTE I love HADashboard its feeding dashboard throughout my house! Just to me LoveLace looks like it could be a sexy alternative.



I spent all of 5 minutes trying out Lovelace and was wondering whether someone had started making something similar to HADashboard for it. I took a look at HADashboard but I’d rather avoid installing AppDaemon.

From what I read in the Lovelace documentation, it should be feasible to produce something similar to HADashboard, but I’ve not tried to do that yet.

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@J_IO_B @lddubeau have a look at this thread:

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I’ve since moved over to TileBoard and love it!