Lovelace: Attributes card / entity row

Hi, just found this and it looks to do exactly what i am looking for. problem… i cant seam to get it working for me… any help in working out what i have done wrong??

here is what I have put in

type: entities
  - sensor.christian_birthday
  - type: 'custom:entity-attributes-card'
    heading_name: list
    heading_state: States
        - key: sensor.christian_birthday.years
          name: years
        - key:
          name: date

and I receive the following error…


here is what I am trying to show

and in my rawconfig i have

  - type: js
    url: /local/entity-attributes-card.js

the file entity-atributes-card.js is located in my www folder

what have i dont wrong?

I have this config for the entity-attributes-card, and and it truly hogs the system. Almost impossible to scroll the page it is on, and other interaction is nearly impossible.
Taking it out immediately relieves the system and enables free scrolling and browsing again.

don’t think I have made a mistake in the config, and it shows correctly, still, please let me know why this could be?

  - type: custom:entity-attributes-card
    title: "Travels"
        - key: device_tracker.life360_name.*
        - key: device_tracker.life360_name.battery
        - key: device_tracker.life360_name.battery_charging
        - key: device_tracker.life360_name.custom_ui_state_card
        - key: device_tracker.life360_name.entity_picture
        - key: device_tracker.life360_name.friendly_name
        - key: device_tracker.life360_name.show_last_changed
        - key: device_tracker.life360_name.gps_accuracy

or @ciotlosm : has this been abandoned and shouldn’t we use it anymore in current Lovelace?
thanks for having a look

also tried it the include way, but it its just as boggy:

  - type: custom:entity-attributes-card
    title: "name's travels"
        - key: device_tracker.life360_name.source_type
        - key: device_tracker.life360_name.latitude
        - key: device_tracker.life360_name.longitude
        - key: device_tracker.life360_name.address
        - key: device_tracker.life360_name.at_loc_since
        - key: device_tracker.life360_name.driving
        - key: device_tracker.life360_name.last_seen
        - key: device_tracker.life360_name.moving
        - key:
        - key: device_tracker.life360_name.raw_speed
        - key: device_tracker.life360_name.speed
        - key: device_tracker.life360_name.wifi_on
        - key: device_tracker.life360_name.friendly_name
        - key: device_tracker.life360_name.county
        - key: device_tracker.life360_name.state_district
        - key: device_tracker.life360_name.state
        - key: device_tracker.life360_name.postcode
        - key:
        - key: device_tracker.life360_name.country_code

try " type: modul" insted of “type: js”

Just trying to set this up for the first time. Instlled as per the repo / first post in this thread. I am also getting the red card of death, using the below code:

type: 'custom:entity-attributes-card'
title: Attributes Card
heading_name: List
heading_state: States
    - key: sensor.gkeep.*

This is how the sensor looks in the states dev panel:

Any idea how to sort this out?

two things are possible:

  1. I think the sensor you’re using doesn’t look right. i think you should remove the last period before the * - so “sensor.gkeep*”

  2. if that doesn’t fix it try installing it thru HACS. maybe you borked something on the install.

I have the following in ui-lovelace

  • url: /local/custom-lovelace/entity-attributes-card/entity-attributes-card.js?v=2
    type: js

In my unraid.yaml
title: Unraid
path: unraid
icon: mdi:nas


  • type: custom:entity-attributes-card
    title: Unraid Server
    - key: binary_sensor.hptower_server.cpu
    - key: binary_sensor.hptower_server.memory

Error I get is -
config.filter is null

type: ‘custom:entity-attributes-card’
card: null
title: Unraid Server
filter: null

  • key: binary_sensor.hptower_server.cpu
  • key: binary_sensor.hptower_server.memory

I am trying to get the attributes from the binary_sensor.hptower_server

arrayStatus: Started
arrayProtection: Parity is valid.
title: HPTower
cpu: Genuine Intel® CPU @ 2.00GHz
memory: 32 GiB DDR4
motherboard: ASRock X99 Extreme3
diskSpace: 10.1 TB used of 15 TB (67.3 %)
on: true
friendly_name: hptower_server
device_class: power

Hi, i am struggling here as the attributes on my climate seem to be in a complex structure:

  - 'off'
  - heat
min_temp: 5
max_temp: 35
  - none
  - temporary
  - permanent
current_temperature: 20
temperature: 21
hvac_action: heating
preset_mode: none
    this_sp_from: '2020-04-13T07:00:00+01:00'
    this_sp_temp: 16
    next_sp_from: '2020-04-13T17:30:00+01:00'
    next_sp_temp: 21
  zone_id: '1895530'
    - faultType: TempZoneSensorLowBattery
      since: '2020-04-13T04:46:35'
    - faultType: TempZoneActuatorLowBattery
      since: '2020-04-13T04:46:35'
    target_heat_temperature: 21
    setpoint_mode: FollowSchedule
    temperature: 20.5
    is_available: true
friendly_name: Hallway
icon: 'mdi:radiator'
supported_features: 17

I want to display, the faultType info. i have tried all combinations i can think of like climate.hallway.status.active_faults.faultType but nothing works. if i enter climate.hallway.status i get an [object,object] response.
I am sure its obvious but i cant see it.

lovelace 0.108.3, supervisor 217

Can anyone help? I did try to Create a sensor per climate sensor using the script in the Honeywell total comfort page
This doesn’t appear to work, i can see that the page shows fault_type while my climate sensor shows faultType, but that alone does not fix it. I also wonder if this will work when you get two fault codes, as per above?
I’d be happy just showing the one or two error codes that come up, don’t need to have a smart ouput

I’m getting following error, any idea

create-element-base.ts:64 entity-attributes-card TypeError: Cannot add property heading_name, object is not extensible
at HTMLElement.setConfig (entity-attributes-card.js:50)
at s (create-element-base.ts:61)
at c (create-element-base.ts:81)
at u (create-element-base.ts:132)
at Rt (create-card-element.ts:55)
at HTMLElement.value (hui-view.ts:62)
at hui-view.ts:295
at Array.forEach ()
at HTMLElement.value (hui-view.ts:294)
at HTMLElement.value (hui-view.ts:222)

Is there a way to handle the size of the card?

I don’t get it why the attribute content expandes the width of the lovelace card? Is there a fix?Screenshot1441

Any updated instructions would be great!

Im trying to get my current users on my plex server to display. I have tried incorporating the following code, but it still shows the excluding attributes, what am i doing wrong?

type: custom:entity-attributes-card
title: Plex
heading_name: Name
heading_state: Currently Watching
    - key: sensor.plex.*
     - key: sensor.plex.unit_of_measurement
     - key: sensor.plex.friendly_name
     - key: sensor.plex.body

Anyone to help me with this?

Check your indention on the exclude (or was that just a cut and paste problem?)

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Hi there,

Sorry for not reporting back in here for a while! Thanks for your reply, the indention on the exlude was fixed, but still no change. The (excluded) attributes keep showing up…

02-04-2021: tried removing ‘key:’ no effect here either.

Can someone please help me with this?

Hi. This is what I want. But the download link seems broken.
Please fix it.

Just checked HACS and it’s still there and working, I’d download it via that route…