Lovelace black screen after adding 'custom:garbage-collection-card'


I am quite new in regards to Home Assistant, and I am trying to get the custom-card “garbage-collection-card” in lovelace only when I add the card I get a black empty dashboard. I have installed the garbage-collection-card through HACS and added the Resources under lovelace/resource


The lovelace dasboard config for the garbage card is:

      - type: 'custom:garbage-collection-card'
        entity: sensor.afvalinfo_pbd
        icon_size: 35px
        icon_color: green

Another custom card ‘custom: simple-thermostat’ does work fine in the dashboard.

I have no idea where things are going wrong at the moment


please double-check that you see the sensor.afvalinfo_pbd and its attributes under Developer Tools. Once this is ok, you should make sure you restarted Home Assistant after adding the resource (as that goes to the configuraion.yaml) or that you reloaded the resources. If this was also done, you may open the browser console log and check for related errors after shift-reloading the dashboard tab where your garbage-collection-card is defined.
If there is a error reported you may open a bug report at [1].


Okey i opende an error report:

Hi there - I have the same issue. Successfully have sensors via Garbage Collection, but Garbage Collection Card simply creating blank card.

Card is simply:

type: 'custom:garbage-collection-card'
entity: sensor.rubbish

And have added


to my Lovelace Resources configuration