Lovelace, button-card and stuck at the first hurdle!

Hello again,

I have installed the button-card lovelace plugin using HACS and it shows up in the frontend tab - no errors during installation.

I have added the resource in the ‘Resources Tab’ in Configuration/Lovelace Dashboards:

url: /hacsfiles/button-card/button-card.js

I have confirmed that the file exists using SMB (which it does)

So, in my dashboard when i try and create a button with the most basic functionality (using the Raw configuration editor) I get a red rectangle on the UI saying:

Custom element doesn’t exist: button-card.
type: ‘custom:button-card’

As far as I can tell I’ve dove everything correctly including restating the services and clearing the cache.

I would really appreciate some pointers of how to make this work - it looks like it should be very straight forward.



Last I checked, custom cards don’t provide a preview or correct errors in the UI. You have to create the card and when editing is complete it should show up.

It could have changed, I don’t use the UI to make edits to cards.

Thankyou for taking the time to reply.

From the videos I have watched i thought the updates should be immediate in the UI.

Ill keep on looking - I’m sure the answer must be right in front of me!

Thanks, J