Lovelace: Button card


Yeah!! Thanks alot! :heart:
With this version the buttons work like before, without padding, font-size, …


So, just wanted to make sure that the font-size is not working yet. I tried changing to font-size: 12px and that did not have any effect


Font-size: option is working for the one I linked to.


EXCELLENT! This version fixed my issues. Thank you so much! The text inconsistency was driving me crazy.

It’s really too bad Kuuji has decided to end support for this custom card. It really is better than the default one.


This is a community card now. Please, everyone, stop giving kuuji grief. Really discourages devs. If you want something changed, do the work, and submit it to the repo.


So that version is still using the depreciated paper-button instead of mwc-button… I’m going to stick with the kuuji modded one @iantrich is maintaining…


I am not the maintainer of it…it is owned by the community now. I just so happen to be part of the community, let’s be clear on that.


After daily editing the button styles since 0.88 beta, let me enjoy my UI until Wednesday! :rofl:


It certainly changes if you do it in the js file. Lines 40-44

        button-card-button div {
          padding: 2.6%;
          text-transform: none;
          font-size: 1.1rem;
          font-weight: 500;
          white-space: nowrap;

This looks pretty much identical to the old one. This is using the card from here


I use this too now, though my icons didn’t show up correctly. So I added a 10% padding to the ha-icon and replaced flex with grid. Seems to be almost identical to what I had indeed thanks @DavidFW1960 and @iantrich. Next up for me is trying to make Loptons code to work with this, which would enable a hold action instead of only a tap action.


Have to admit the card from CookieMonster87 works flawlessly just like the old one.
Would love to see the effort merged.

There is also a bug travelling from the original card is that when you select color_type: card the card doesn’t match in size with that of an icon one and the background also doesn’t match.



The reason CookieMonster87’s version works flawlessly is because it’s using the pre 0.88 method which, like the original, calls a deprecated feature. At some point, this method will also cease to work which is why some people have opted to leverage DavidFW1960 and iantrich’s community submissions.

I have decided not to upgrade HA until I identify what I consider to be a suitable replacement for Kuuji’s button card as it was prior to 0.88.


Problem is there’s no future in staying in the past with either a card using depreciated features or old versions of Home Assistant IMO.

The CSS ‘hacks’ to Kuuji’s card are acceptable in my use anyway…


My environment is in a good place right now. I don’t expect to need any new smart home functionality (unless Nest does an about face and stops treating the OSS community like crap). In fact, the only functionality I am interested in at this point is Lovelace which, to be honest, is progressing slow enough that ignoring upgrades won’t be too problematic.


The forums are filled with people who say the same thing and then for one reason or another want/need to upgrade, find themselves 10+ releases behind and have a lot of grief catching up on all the breaking changes. Personally I think that ends in tears but great if it works for you. I’m pretty happy with my and other mods to Kuuji’s card.


Wherever there is OSS, you will find masochists. :smiley:


I too actually hesitated to update because there is no way for me to use a hold action with this card anymore (and unfortunately I have little knowledge of coding it myself, if I did I would have made it already :stuck_out_tongue:) but I have to agree with you on this. Especially this release made me change so much that it took me a lot more than usual. Imagine me doing a jump from 0.80 to 0.88 I think I would indeed start to cry. However I can relate to daphatty that it actually worked just the way I wanted prior to 0.88. I have already changed all breaking changes so I don’t feel like downgrading just for a hold action.

@daphatty I would upgrade though, because for example custom components and lovelace cards get changed too and sometimes it will break and will no longer work with older versions of Home Assistant. API’s get changed too (not often but sometimes they do) so components might need to be updated too.


It’s a pity he forked Kuuji’s card instead of doing a PR… this inevitably happens when people fork a card it becomes a mess unless it gets back to the master one again. Then people are left with bad choices whatever they do.


This may be a dumb question, but if the card is no longer supported then who would approve a PR?


@iantrich or @ludeeus in conjunction with Kuuji are reviewing and merging PR’s. There have been a couple already