Lovelace by Jimzz011 (HA 0.91.x compatible) *DEPRECATED

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Very nice and good idea. How did you translate the PostNL info to Dutch?
Can you share your config about the notification card?

Thanks, I will post the code tomorrow or monday (if I find the time). And thanks!

However one thing I didn’t understand, how did I translate PostNL to dutch? The official postnl component fetches data in Dutch already, all I needed to do was to extract the values from the sensor to make it more readable. That code can already be found on my github page. It basically is a template sensor that reads the PostNL sensor and extract only the necessary info.

It is only the first sensor you would need (all of the ones below are either for my wife or it was used for my Tileboard setup which had a lot less space to work with (so I had to cut them in pieces, no need to bother with those).

If you happen to use the postNL sensor you could simply copy this and replace my name with yours (or whatever your entity is called). Should work.

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So, I have been a bit busy, last time I gave a preview of the new notification system I was working on, but that will change soon as I have decided to drastically rework my setup (again).

This time it will be even cleaner and more phone/tablet friendly.
A taste of what is to come (I will post it on github when it is done, please have some patience)

wow, just impressive! I was very influenced by your configuration. I stole some code snippets from your GitHub repo for that.

Hope you will post the new code also there, as soon as you ready :wink:

Thank you, I’d love to see what you have done with the snippets code :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes this will eventually go to github, I have no ETA though as I am currently reworking everything as there are still some things that mess up the buttons css etc.

Thanks, but there’s nothing really interesting to show so far. It’s more or less a copy of your setup so far, with a few slight adjustments:

I’ve only recently discovered your setup myself. As a result, I was dissatisfied with my previous frontend setup and am in the process of re-permeating and re-setting everything:

It’s a neverending story :smiley:

I know the feeling, I recently found that the custom button card has been picked up by another developer making the card very useful. Hence I was unsatisfied with what I had. (The screenshots at the beginning of the thread is what I had).

So here are some more screenshots of my upcoming update, they are mostly styling changes.


And it is progressing, almost halfway through redesigning my interface. And I hope that I can upload this to github for you guys soon. (I expect halfway next week).

Here are some progress screenshots, please let me know what your thoughts are.


Looking sharp!

OMG! It gets better every time.
I can’t wait to look at your new changes.
Thank you so much!

It is a pity that there is no similar service for Deutsche Post as for Post NL. :neutral_face:

Another update, for some reason overflow: hidden is not working for me (on these pop up cards). Oh well, I will figure out a solution in the future, for now some more screenshots.

And a little preview of what it would look like on an ipad. But this will take at least a few weeks before I will focus on making an ipad interface.

Edit: And some more screenshots:

Edit2: and even more:

Definitely going to draw some inspiration from you on the cleaning and dog sections especially when I get to that point with my setup. (Also, nice choice of dog breed, we have two Miniature Australian Shepherds.)

For the popup-card, not sure where you are referencing the overflow: hidden or what you’re going for with that, but I used card-modder to get the look I wanted for mine. (Side note, I noticed a couple minor style issues with the popup-card on mobile and opened an issue on the card-tools repo the other day).

You updates are looking quite nice. I like your notification cards, could you share your config for those? I was considering using the persistent notifications for this and making a custom card to display them on a card. I’m quite curious how you’ve set this up.

I did use the persistent notifications, but they are ugly in my opinion, and I can’t really make them very dynamic. So I decided to do it this way.

I will share the code tonight when I get home, for now you could try it already. I used 3 cards for this:

  • (useful) markdown card
  • card modder
  • conditional card

Set up the conditional cards to just show the markdown card when specific conditions are met. And use card modder to style that card. You could also show pictures or buttons if prefered.

Cool yea that’s sort of how I expected it to work, which is a nice but sort of hacky way of doing it. The main problem I would have with it is that you have to set up a card for each notification. Better than nothing though :wink: .

I’m still considering creating a custom card that could show persistent notifications in a similar way you have it set up currently. I really like the idea of having notifications displayed like this in a view instead of just having the notification bell.

Yeah same here, I actually wanted to create a separate page for it, but thought this was more useful. As with the alarm bell icon, we never ever press on it. So this leverages that.

True it is a bit hacky and you will need to setup each card individually, but it works very well (but only on phones though) on a tablet/pc it looks a bit weird with a lot of empty space between cards. It updates immediately. Well yeah, my ui-lovelace.yaml has over 11.000 lines of code so it could indeed be better haha.

Have a look at my ui-lovelace.yaml on github if you’re interested. It uses a bunch of includes to avoid having one massive yaml file and allows for re-using configs in different views.

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Yeah I saw something like this a while ago, something made by Thomas Loven I believe. However at first I never needed it as I only had like 2000 lines, but now it is getting out of hand haha, sometimes I get headaches for finding a simple line haha.

Will do this soon.

So for the ones that are waiting, here is a videopreview, I expect the code to be up within the week. Only a few pages left to work on.

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