Lovelace change default font


i’am trying to set my own default font in lovelace. Globally. I found some ideas but i’am struggling. Some hints say “change font.css” which is something i can not find. For exeample.

What is the proven way to use a specific font? Either local installed or Google (e.g.). Please keep in mind, i’am new to ha and lovelace. :relaxed: :grimacing:

Thanks in advance!

No chance to set default font for a dashboard?

Any other hints with a good documentation how to do themeing? Maybe a list of all vars which can be part of a theme file?

Is it possible to do theme chances “live”? I change a value in a theme, the backend editor shows that immediately?

I’ve created a theme file by simply copying one, played around with it and i see the different colors but if i change something to the theme file nothing seams to happen so far… and yes it is the active file (there is no other any more)